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When You’re Feeling Sexy—Or Want To


She’s a walking, talking sex bomb and she's ready to explode. Her seductive ways always get her what she wants but, they also get her into trouble. All the while, she could care less because her motto is,  "bad girls have more fun, anyway."

If unicorns had sex, this is what it would look like. Why shouldn’t sex be as magical as unicorns? It can be and The Sex Bar helps you get there. Named for her sultry colors and alluring dark jasmine scent, this mojo lava lamp-like design helps you embrace your sexuality. She's got aloe vera juice running all through her body for extra soft feels. Her smell is as seductive as her look and she's made to last through long showers. With speckles of delicate roses throughout, quite frankly, she's our favorite bar to date (shhh don’t tell the rest).



Olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, kukui nut oil, castor oil, aloe vera, sodium hydroxide, sodium lactate, titanium dioxide, fragrance, mica powder, silk, herbs