Jewels of Love Collection

Jewels of Love Collection

Save on each jewel when you purchase the entire Jewels of Love collection.
Handmade by @Symmadar, this collection is perfect for locs, braids, twists, faux locs, and any style in between.
Featuring the Aquamarine Morganite, Pink Botswana Agate, and Rose Quartz stones.
Aquamarine Morganite:
	This rare  gem helps to clear the heart chakra bringing you closer to divine love. The Aquamarine Morganite stone is also said to promote feelings of happiness and acts as a receptor allowing you to better receive messages from angels.

Pink Botwswana Agate:
	This gem is said to help ease its owner through transitional stages they may be struggling with such as feelings of loneliness. The Pink Botswana Agate stone is also known to be protective and comforting making grievances and losses easier to overcome.

Rose Quartz:
	Known as the stone of universal love, this gem is said to help restore peace & harmony in relationships, bringing about unconditional love. It's also known to cleanse and open the heart promoting self-love, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of oneness.

It’s made of tarnish-resist silver or gold-colored copper which is anti-microbial (meaning it stops the growth of micro-organisms like fungi, bacteria, etc.) Copper has also been known to bring about healing energies within the body.
Wear your hair jewel anytime to add a little Sparkle & Spice.

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